Watford & District Industrial History Society


20 September 2001

"SUBMARINE CABLES" Last year saw the 150th anniversary of the laying of the first submarine communications cable. GLYN WRENCH, of Global Marine Systems, Limited, will chart the history of the industry and show how submarine' cables are planned, installed and maintained.

18 October 2001

"CHANGING ENVIRONMENTS" London, like all cities, has always thrived on business and commerce. Workspace Group is a property company that specialises in adapting and regenerating the buildings that housed the great enterprises of the late 19th to mid 20th centuries. CHRISTOPHER PICK, writer and London enthusiast, reveals the varied history of a selection of Workspace buildings.

15 November 2001

"ROAD TRANSPORT" For our film evening this year ALLAN WILMOT will be showing a programme relating to the early development of road transport. Cars. lorries and tramways are featured, together with a film of local interest-New Ways in Watford.

20 December 2001

SOCIAL EVENING An informal evening when we partake of food and drink and members show slides and photos taken during the year, or interesting items of historical interest. The results of the photo competition will be announced and awards made.

17 January 2002

"RAE FARNBOROUGH - WHEN ENGINEERING WAS FUN" Between 1948 and 1953, CLIVE ELLAMserved an Engineering Apprenticeship at RAE Farnborough and will describe some of the research and development trials which he observed during that time. This- talk originated - as the author's Presidential Address to The Newcomen Society.

21 February 2002

"THE HISTORY OF SCAMMELL LORRIES" For many years Scammell was (Watford's Truck Maker). JOHN FADELLE, who was Heavy Vehicle Engineer at Scammell, traces the development of the firm and its products during its 66 colourful years.

21 March 2002

"THE ARCHITECTURE OF FANTASY" From a very early age TONY MOSS has been fascinated by cinema buildings and since retiring from the BBC has concentrated his study of the subject. He is a co-founder and vice president of the Cinema Organ Society and president of The Cinema Theatre Association.